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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


 “I got you, your coffee,” Will said excitingly. He was hoping his sudden act of kindness would woo Allen Jacobs, a crush he had, had around the firm, for the past two months. Allen sighed and said “thanks, Will but I don’t drink coffee, especially not black.” Will quickly responded, “But I see you ever morning with a cup from Starbucks with a sticker labeled black.” “No Will you seen me once with that cup and that’s because the clerk confused the stickers, this is a Caramel Macchiato.” ‘Oh,” Will said in an emotionally crushed tone. “So you’ve been watching me, why is that,” Allen said, intrigued by Will’s interest in his life. Will stumbled, “no, no I’m just doing good deeds for everyone, you know trying to build up some karma.” Will wasn’t yet ready to let Allen know he was bisexual. Allen was one of the most outspoken gay activist in DC, although Will wasn’t technically “in”, he’d had a couple of relationships in the pass, with men that his family knew about, he still didn’t feel comfortable with letting the people in the office know, especially not an openly gay boss who was constantly trying to get more gay supporters and forbid any denials of being ones self.  “Ok well is there anything else Mr. Philips,” Allen asked with his bright green eyes staring directly into Will’s green eyes. Allen had never knew another black person, besides the people in his family, who had green eyes like him. It sparked a level of inquisitiveness that Allen had rarely felt. No, that’s it Mr Ja… Allen quickly shushed Will so that he could hear what was coming from the T.V. It was an interview with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann on Meet The Press, she was responding to a statement she had made in 2004 at the Edwatch National Education Conference. “It's a very sad life. It's part of Satan, I think, to say that this is 'gay.' It's anything but 'gay.' It leads to the personal enslavement of individuals. Because if you're involved in the gay and lesbian lifestyle, it's bondage. It is personal bondage, personal despair, and personal enslavement. And that's why this is so dangerous. We need to have profound compassion for people who are dealing with the very real issue of sexual dysfunction in their life, and sexual identity disorders.” Allen shot up out of his chair almost nocking the unwanted coffee out of Will’s hand. SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION! You goofy eyed bitch, you and your party are Satan, and you’ll are sad! Very, very fucking sad! Allen rubbed his head, trying to overcome the rage that had come over him. He paused for a minute and apologized to Will for his outburst. I’m sorry Will, I just get so worked up when I hear ignorant ass holes spewing garbage like this especially when its ass holes in power. I mean does she actually think I voluntarily go through this crap every day? How would she feel if I denied ugly white bitches with fucked up ass eyes, rights and privileges that ordinary people take for granted. She must think that one day all the LGBT people around the world suddenly communicated with each other and decided to “go against the norms of society” to be different, and make sure everyone disagrees with the way we live. She so fucking stupid. It just reminds me of when I was growing up and I had to hear this crap from the people close to me. My parents were the worst offenders. It was because of them that I grew up without that many friends, because I felt socially awkward around people. All the years of depression and self-hatred. The years I spent locked in my room refusing to enjoy life that as a 14 or 16 year old boy I should be enjoying. Personal bondage, personal despair, and personal enslavement? All this was inherited to me because I was born liking a gender that people like her and my parents say I shouldn’t. I devoted my life to saving kids from growing up the way I did, and although I know that I want be able to save all of them, if I can just save that one. The one who every night when he’s alone visit’s site like YouTube, just to hear the negative comments made about gay people so that he can respond the way he always dreamed of responding in public. Or who makes fake profile on social networking sites so that he can communicate with others like him but still shield his identity. Growing up was such a struggle for me and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone but when I hear bigots like this I often reconsider. Allen looked down at the coffee in Will’s hand. Look I’m sorry Will, I know your busy I didn’t mean to hold you up or anything. Hand me the coffee, I know someone who will want it. Will, with strong compassion in his voice said, “You don’t have to apologize for anything Mr. Jacobs. I hear stuff like that all the time either from friends or family and I try to explain to them, that most of what they’ve heard about gays is from outside the gay community.” Allen quickly shouted, “Right and they don’t know what the hell their talking about like this bitch!” Yes Mr. Jacobs. Call me Allen, Allen corrected. There was a long pause and the room was silent. Well I guess I best be building karma, Will said, he had felt his cover was fading. Allen walked Will to the door, “Of course Will, and hey next time remember Caramel Macchiato.” Of course Mr. Jacobs, I mean Allen. Allen slowly shut the door, being careful not to hit Will as he walked out. Will took a deep breath and then exhaled. He heard Allen’s phone ring and heard him say, yea I heard that bitch. I’ll write a commentary about it in the Washington Post.
  It was Friday and Will was taking his headshots for the law firm’s website. Will like taking pictures, it reminded him of his younger days when he was in college. He use to act and model, usually as an extra but occasionally he would land a lead role or a spot in an local ad. “These pictures are gonna look great,” photographer J.D. Marshall said. Allen was good friends with Marshall, one of the biggest photographers in the U.S. Marshall was known for taking stellar photographs of some of the World’s biggest celebrities and wealthiest people. He didn’t mind taking the pictures of Allen’s team of lawyers. Allen’s Team had defended Marshall in 2007 when Marshall was accused of sexual misconduct and sexual harassment. An up and coming point guard for the New York Knicks had accused him of trying to fondle the young man’s genitals and soliciting sex as the method of payment. Although Marshall was completely guilty his Allan’s team had twisted the story in a way that made it seem like the accuser was suffering from homophobia and had simply made up the story because he didn’t feel comfortable being photograph by a gay man. You have a really good look Will and I see you know your way behind the camera, I have a feeling this isn’t your first time. “No it’s not, I use to model when I was in college,” Will had explained. “I see, Marshall said, and you’re doing a great job.” Will could tell Marshall was coming on to him, he had that look in his eyes that all he wanted to do was drop his camera as fast as he could drop to his knees. Ok Mr. Philips, I think that’s enough shots of your head, is there anything else you want me to take a picture of. You know I’m a world renowned photographer and from what I can tell you have a nice physique, do you want me to take some casual photos? You know for your Facebook. Will enjoyed being photographed so he accepted Marshall’s offer. “Yeah that’ll be cool,” Will said, “You take some pictures of me shirtless too, I got a new tattoo.” “I’d love too,” Marshall replied as he turned his back to set up his lens. Will unbutton his shirt and threw it on a bar stool nearby. Will’s sculpted chest sucked the air out of the room, like being told you had won the lottery for 3 million dollars. His complexion was a smooth light shade of brown. His caramel shaded nipples were perfectly proportionate to his pecks, they were erected.  Will set up for a pose. Marshall couldn’t help getting aroused by Will’s body. He could feel his chest tighten and his mouth water at the thought of sucking on Will’s smooth muscular neck. Will stared right into the camera, squinting his eyes as if he was trying to focus on a particular smudge on the camera lens. Will was giving Marshall exactly what he wanted. “I wanna take some pictures for my girlfriend, do you mind if I take my pants off” will asked with a slight smirk on his face. “Sure, sure, I actually would encourage that you’re doing a great job keeping these photos hot.” Oh is that right. Will slowly unzipped his pants. As he started to pull his pants down, he could feel the cold zipper rubbing against his maturing manhood that had made its way out of his boxers, he was becoming aroused. Despite his hidden exposure he continued to lower his pants until his thick and heavy cock was revealed in a way that looked like his penis had separated both sides of the zipper. “Oh damn,” Will said like he hadn’t expected his dick to show. My bad yo, I thought I was tucked in, I hope you didn’t get that on camera.” Marshall struggled to speak, Yu... yu.. You good man don’t worry about it, just put yo stuff back in. Will grabbed himself you know what, yeah how about I take it like this. I mean I’m trying to be sexy… for my girl. That’s fine with me man, umm, strike a pose. Marshall struggled to keep his composure, he couldn’t help staring at Will’s 9 inch long 3½ inch wide pretty light brown color shafted and slightly darker shaded brown tip. The way the head of his penis formulated was in the shape of a thick mushroom. Marshall looked right into the opening of Will’s penis. All he could think about was sticking his warm wet tongue into it and tasting all of his premature ejaculated babies as they oozed out. He started taking pictures. After about 15 shots Will told Marshall, “It gets bigger than this, I wish my girl or somebody was here to make it fully extend.” Will started pleasuring himself. One hand behind his back he started hand stroking himself up and down with the front of his hand, then flipped his hand over and started doing it. Marshall could hear the wet squishing sounds that Will’s hand and penis was making. Like a spell had come over Marshall his eyes began to roll back into his head and his pants grew tighter. Will noticed a growing wrinkle at the crouch of Marshall’s pants. Marshall Whispered, “Oh my God, fuck me.” He continued taking pictures, the eyepiece was wet from sweat that had rolled off his eyebrow.  “Aye come closer, Will said, I wanna get some close ups of it you know. I want her to see every vein, hair, and thick cream that comes out of my dick. I think she’ll like that.” “I think she’ll like that too,” Marshall said as he looked up at Will. Will started licking his lips, Oh really. Marshall’s eyes grew big, he didn’t know he had responded out loud. Umm yeah women love close penis shots! Realizing his latest response didn’t help the situation he started to frown. “I think you like penis shots,” Will said, his eyes locked square on Marshall. Both men paused. Then like the weight of Marshall’s body was too much for his legs, he collapsed and Marshall was staring straight into Will’s belly button, his nose being tickled by Will’s pubic hair. Yeah baby I knew you wanted to suck this dick. Marshall tried to speak despite his mouth being full, “humm yea.” Will could feel Marshall’s thick strong tongue marching up and down his cock. He could feel the suction Marshall had on his meat as he watched it slowly disappear and then reappear. He grabbed the side of Marshall’s head. Yeah suck it baby. You enjoy sucking daddy’s dick, Will softly asked. Marshall looked up, with a side of Will’s dick still in his mouth, into Will’s seductive eyes, Mmm is it good to you baby? Yeah… I wanna feed you my babies. Marshall closed his eyes as his saliva soaked the warm stiff meat that was in his mouth. Every vein was met with a soft pat from his tongue. His upper lip curved as it ran over his tip. Will pushed Marshall’s head back and shoved his dangly red balls into his mouth. Will’s eyes rolled back. Marshall could feel hair getting stuck in his teeth and under his tongue and he enjoyed it. He wished he could swallow Will’s entire scrotum. He tried his luck back with Will’s shaft. Will removed his cock out of Marshall’s mouth and put it on his face. It stretched from his chin to right above his right eyebrow. “You ready for me to give you my babies,” Will eagerly said. Yes daddy, Marshall accepted and quickly continued sucking. “You ready,” Will asked and with Marshall’s last effort to please Will, he forced all 9 inches down his throat waiting for the release of Will’s gift. Will exhaled with pleasure as Marshall swallowed with delight. Both men relieved but tired as they lay across the stage. “I really think your girlfriend is gonna like those photos,” Marshall said smiling. “Well you definitely put your head into em,” Will responded and glanced at a red wall clock. Well I better be headed back to my office. Thanks for the head. “No problem big daddy,” Marshall said putting on his shirt. Will rushed to put on his clothes, he had gotten what he wanted and was now ready to go. As he button up his collar and walked towards the door, Will insisted that Marshall not tell Allen about their encounter. He then handed Marshall his card so that he could email the photographs straight to him. “Our secret is as safe with me as your kids are. Will smiled, alright man, peace.         

             Tension is high. Allan and Will are in the court room along with Lisa Perez, Vice Chairwoman at the law office,  preparing to give their closing argument for the trial of Peter Santorum. Peter Santorum is an openly gay man, who was brutally beaten, by two coworkers at YoKo Motors in Baltimore, while his supervisor did nothing. Lisa was discussing some facts about the case with Allan, particularly the way the three defendants reacted when they heard the severity of Santorum’s injuries. Will scrambled over his notes, trying to come up with some information that would impress Allan and Lisa. “It is Tuesday morning, February 8th, Mr. Jacobs you are now free to give your closing argument, said Judge Francis Wu. Allan Thanked Judge Wu and approached the jury. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I’m not here to try to persuade you into agreeing with homosexuality or even liking it, I’m here to tell a story. A true story, about one day in Peter Santorum’s life. A day that will haunt him for the rest of his life. You see Peter has dreams, he has desires to be something in life. He wants to be a school teacher. To teach Algebra to eleven year olds. He’s very humble and compassionate. The only problem is Mr. Santorum, like most of us, doesn’t have a lot of money, and college is expensive. Matter of fact that’s why Mr. Santorum was working at Yoko Motors, to support himself through college. He has a partial scholarship, because he received good grades in high School and he kept his grades up even through his first two years in college. But the fact remains, college is expensive. He doesn’t have any loans because the idea of borrowing someone else’s money just didn’t sound right to him. He often says whatever he can’t afford he don’t got no business doing. I’d agreed to that motto. But see Mr. Santorum knew he could afford it, he was working at an auto plant making eighteen dollars an hour and he lives with his parents, college was within his means. That’s why this job was so important to him. It was his ticket not only for a better life for himself but also for the thousands of kids he would soon inspire to be great. I wanna take you back, if I may, to the day of October the fourth 2011. Peter clocks into work with a bright smile on his face. In class that day he had visited a local elementary school and read Charlotte’s Web to 3rd graders. Sure it’s not algebra but I’m sure it was just as rewarding to Mr. Santorum. The smiles on the children’s faces, the excitement in their eyes, the thirst for knowledge, that’s what Mr. Santorum remembers most. That’s what always pushes him forward.  After class a little boy walked up to Santorum and asked him why does he do it? Why would he want to become a teacher, they don’t get paid a lot? Peter said to the boy and that’s why I’m not in it for the money. I truly enjoy helping others. For me it's the most effective and most enjoyable way to change the world. Teaching allows me to work on hearts and minds, to guide people in becoming empowered, literate, engaged, creative, liberated human beings who want to join in this effort to change the world. That was a little too much for the little boy who simply replied, oh so you do it to be a good person. Mr. Santorum is a good person. He’s a great man. An honorable man. A man. As Peter walk towards his work station he thought again about class that day. This time about a little girl with curly red pig tails who had insisted she sit on his lap while he read. The smile on her face when he said she could, could light up the D.C. sky better than anything the electric company could provide. He let her pass out the apple dippers that he had bought from McDonald’s that morning. He noticed some of the children discreetly placing them in their book bags. He realized to some of those kids that would be the only thing they would have to eat after school. It broke his heart, as it would anyone’s. The ashamed look on their faces as they zipped their bags up, it made Peter want to cry but he didn’t. He knew he had to be strong for the children and for himself, because this was just one of the real life situations that he would encounter. So Peter smiled, put on a strong face and told the story of how a spider could write words on her web and how a pig could read it. Oh how the children loved it, they laughed, cried, and laughed some more. And when it was all over the red curly head little girl named Sasha, thanked Mr. Santorum. She said to him this by far was the best school day I’ve ever had. Will you come read to us every Friday, she asked? I’ll make sure the class is extra nice to you. Peter replied, well you’ll have to ask your teacher sweetie. Sasha smiled and said ok Mr. Santorum don’t forget us. I won’t, Peter said. Sasha then ran to Peter and hugged him and said thanks Mr. Santorum you’re the Best (POW!) Allan slammed his binder on the divider in front of the jury. That was the sound of the first punch that landed on Mr. Santorum’s right eye. The impact was so hard it knocked him three feet and made him hit his head on a concrete column. He noticed he couldn’t see out of his right eye. Will flick on the projector that was in front of him. It pushed his right eye into his skull, he was blinded. Will flicked to a slide that showed Santorum’s bloody right eye pushed back into his skull. The jury frowned at the sight. The blow left Peter confused. What had just happen? Had I been hit? Did I walk into something? Why can’t I see out of my right eye? A million thoughts were racing through Santorum’s mind at once. He hadn’t realized he was being attacked. This is so embarrassing, I must have walked right into a machine as I was day dreaming. I better head to the office to tell my supervisors I’ve had an accident (BOOM!). Allan kicked the divider making a low thud sound. That was the sound of a metal pole hitting the back of Mr. Santorum’s head (BOOM!) and then his back (BOOM!) his back again (BOOM!) then the back of his neck. Will flick to a slide that showed Peter’s entire back side. One woman in the jury covered her mouth and began to cry. Peter now knew he hadn’t run into a machine, he was being attacked. But why? He could hear homophobic slurs being spewed. All faggots died hard, is what Mr. Blake Thompson yelled out as he through the metal pole at Peter. Peter now covered in blood tried to stand and face his attacker. He got up to his knees and turn around, (CLAP!) Allan clapped his hands. That was the sound Mr. Eric Muldoon’s knee made when it slapped across Peter’s jaw. Allan than pulled three hair beads out of his pocket and dropped them one by one on the divider. That’s the sound of three of Mr. Santorum’s teeth shattering on the concrete floor. Fucking Fag, I bet you can suck dick much better with no front teeth,  That’s what Mr. Muldoon said as he repeatedly kicked Peter in the stomach. Allan paused… than stomped the ground repeatedly (POP, POP, POP, POP, POP, POP!) Mr. Jacobs, may I remind you that you are in a real legal court room, not some Hollywood movie, control yourself! Allan smiled and apologized, yes your Honor I apologize. Allan continued his story. Peter lay on the ground alive but barely breathing. All he could think about was why. Why had he been attacked? Had he disrespected a coworker and not known it. Who were his attackers? Was the attack over? Peter felt a warm liquid running down his cheek, his first thought was that it was blood, but in fact it was spit. Peter laid their helpless and in desperate need of medical attention. There was an unintentional pause. Will was so caught up in Allan’s story that he forgotten to activate a sound effect of a door closing. Listening and watching Allan execute his craft left Will mesmerized. “He’s so damn good,” Will whispered. Allan glanced at Will. “You idiot,” said Lisa, as she reached over Will and activated the sound effect. Allan frowned, that was the sound of Mr. Lucas Murphy closing his door. Will flicked to another slide that showed Peter Santorum in a hospital bed with tubing in his mouth. He had saw Mr. Santorum lying on the floor motionless after being brutally assaulted and he closed his door. Cries started coming from the defense stand. Mr. Murphy had started to cry in remorse. Allan glanced at him and paused so that the jury could see and hear him. Mr. Murphy had been in on the assault.
      Mr. Santorum is now paralyzed from the waist down, blind in his right eye, has no front teeth, and has a skull fracture that is putting his chances for survival at risk. That’s why Peter’s not her to face his attackers. He’s not here to hear these men’s reason for attacking him. He’s not here to see Mr. Murphy cry. “Objection,” said the defense attorney. Withdrawn, said Allan, Peter’s not here to hear the cries. Instead Peter is in a hospital room fighting for his life. Now why did this happen? Was it because Mr. Santorum disrespected any of the three men you see sitting there? No. It was because Mr. Santorum walked into work, as he usually does, happy proud, and gay. These men could not handle the fact that this man was not ashamed of who he was. That is why Blake Thompson hit Mr. Santorum repeatedly with a metal pole. It’s why Eric Muldoon kneed Peter so hard in the head he knocked three of his teeth out, then repeatedly stomped him in the stomach. It’s also why Lucas Murphy agreed to be the look out, and then when things got out of hand, he turned his back to Mr. Santorum and shut his door. It wasn’t anything that Peter Santorum had done to these men that made them attack him, it was just because he was gay. That’ll be all your Honor. Allan walked back to his seat. He leaned over to Will and asked what happen. “I’m sorry, Will said, you’re so good.”  Yea well let’s hope the jury agrees. I’m sure they will. “Alright members of the jury you are now free to deliberate,” said Judge Wu. “No need your Honor, we’ve reached our verdict,” said a woman in a red dress, she had been the one who had cried. We the jury find the defendant Eric Muldoon guilty of 1st degree murder, We find the defendant Blake Thompson guilty of first degree murder, and we find the defendant Lucas Murphy guilty of 1st degree murder. Thank you members of the jury sentencing will be set April 8th and Judge Wu as he slammed his gavel. Allan and Lisa both smiled with excitement. “We did it, said Lisa, that’s another one you son of a bitch.” I’m going to go consult the Santorums. Ok Allan said. I’m coming with you. They both closed up their briefcases and walked towards the Santorums. Will watch as Lisa and Allan walked toward the family. Allan didn’t say anything to him after the verdict was read. Was he mad at him. Will picked up his notes and join the group.    
       Will scanned through his inbox. He was looking for the photos he had taken with J.D. Marshall. They were in an email titled caramel filling, he eagerly opened it. Included in the email was Marshall’s phone number as well as an X-rated photo of what appeared to be Marshall bent on all fours with his rear facing upward. Will smirked, and scrolled down to see the photos of him. They were in ascending order from which he had taken them.  He stared at the photos of him masturbating. They were just of his genitals. Marshall didn’t take whole body pictures, just of his crouch. The alarm on Will’s BlackBerry went off. He had an eleven o’clock meeting with Allan to discuss facts about a future case. They were meeting at J.T. Humphries, an upscale bar in Georgetown. Will quickly copied and pasted the professional headshots and forwarded them to Allan.
       “Hey Will, how are you,” Allan asked? Hey man what’s going on, I’m good, actually I was just reviewing the photos that your boy had taken of me. I sent them to you did you get em? I did actually and they do look good, umm I especially liked this one, I was thinking this one should be the pic that we use, what do you think, Allan Asked. I think that’s fine, yeah I like that one too. Great, then it’s settled this is the photo that we will use.

                                     The photo that both Allen and Will had agreed on.
Allan pulled out a folder label Eric Morris, it was the name of their next client. Will really didn’t want to talk about the new case, he was more focused on how well Allan preformed at the last trial. It really made his feeling for Allan stronger. Allan, said Will, I want to congratulate you on the trial last week, it was really amazing how you captured the jury like that. I was so amazed. Well thank you Will, you know I’m just doing my job. Allan opened the folder and began to pull out some paper. Will stopped him by placing his hand on Allan’s. Both men looked down at their hands and then Will moved his hand back. Umm, sorry about not being ready on cue, I got kinda into it. Man when you’re up there in your nice suit and your shoes are all shiny. You’re so articulate. I mean the way you articulate just wows me. It’s good to see educated brothas like us doing our thing man. I’m proud of you. Thanks Will, but something telling me you don’t want talk about our next case. No, No Allan umm, yeah I mean let’s talk about our case. Allan could see disappointment in Will’s eyes, and he knew why.” Well I guess we could talk about other things I mean we have plenty of time right.  So how’s your new condo, I heard you bought a big one,” Allan asked.  Yeah it’s nice, it has two floors. Will was ready to tell Allan how he felt about him but he could sense Allan was trying to avoid his advances. Well it’s a good thing it has two floors, I heard you’re quite the party thrower. Sorry I never got a chance to go to any. Yeah you should really come out to one of my parties’ man, I’m sure there are a lot of people that would like to see you. Allan didn’t really like parties, he felt awkward around so many people. “Ah shit man what would I do there, I’m a horrible dancer. I’d look stupid, “Allan giggled and looked down at the table. Will paused for a minute to stare at Allan. Allan, can I tell you something. Allan looked up. Sure man, what is it. Will paused. I’m bisexual. Will looked directly into Allan’s eyes. Allan you’re the sexist man I’ve ever saw. You’re smart, attractive, successful, and every time I see that pretty fat ass of your bussing out of them slacks I just wanna… “Ok, Allan interrupted, Wow Will, this, this is all very interesting, and quite frankly I’m shocked. I never knew you felt so passionate about me, wow. Allan felt a little uncomfortable. “Sorry man did I come on a little too strong,” Will asked. Ah, that’s one way of putting it, why had you never told me before, oh wait are you not out? No, my parents and some friends know, I’m comfortable with it like that. I kind of feared that if you knew about me, you’d try to thrust me into the spotlight. Oh No Will, I never thrust anybody. Will smiled. Wait that didn’t come out right let me start over. Both men giggled. All of my colleagues whom had gotten attention were not because I wanted them to. This was all their doing. Some needed help and I help them receive attention but no I’d never out someone in any way. “Well that’s good to know,” said Will. Forgive me for the unprofessionalness of my next question but if it doesn’t bother you, would you mind if we went out on a date. I mean I’m sure you’re more than just a good lawyer. I’m a really nice guy Allen and I’m sure if you gave me the chance to show you, you wouldn’t be disappointed. Allan paused and looked down at the table. Will I know you’re a great guy that’s why I hired you but I’m so full of baggage you’d never be able to… “Let me help you clear it,” Will interrupted as he touched Allan’s shoulder. Allan could feel the passion in Will’s voice. It was conveying love in Allan’s heart and desire in his soul. Let me help you, you don’t have to be alone anymore to deal with all the pain in your life. Allan when I first saw you I knew I needed you. You are everything that I like in a man. You’re a blessing, heaven’s most precious angel. I can’t accept no, I won’t accept no, I need you in my life. Allan’s heart was open, He wanted to cry but he didn’t want to seem weak. Will you’re the sweetest guy I know, I don’t know what to say right now. “Say yes,” Will demanded. Say you’ll give us a try. Allan paused and stared at Will. “Yes, said Allen as he smiled, I’ll do it.” This is a good thing Will you have no idea how long it’s been since… Will interrupted Allan with a kiss. The kiss was so passionate Allan eyes began to roll back. Well I see you have a thing for interrupting people. Both man laughed and held hands. Allan and Will spent over 3 hours in the bar talking, expressing their thoughts and feelings about love and relationships. They discussed what they liked about each other, politics, money, and family. Will’s dream had come true, he was finally talking to the love of his life. He had never felt happiness like what he was feeling at that moment.  His palms were sweating, he couldn’t stop smiling, and his eyes were glowing, all signs that he was in love. And so was Allan. Soon it was closing time at the bar so both men stood outside. “So, where to now,” Allan asked. Will knew of only one place that could make this special moment even better. Will took Allan back to his condo where they continued their conversations. Both men full of love and passion spent even more hours getting to know each other. Allan felt so comfortable, that he spent the night.